5 Crystals For Balancing The Meridians

The meridians are part of the Chinese acupuncture system and are channels which move energy or chi around the body. There are 14 major meridians in the body, 10 of these are related to the organs, 2 are functions and 2 are midline meridians.
All of these meridians have acupuncture points along them, which act as valves that can adjust the flow of chi to keep the meridian system in balance. These valves can get blocked by any kind of stress on the body, causing an imbalance, which means that some meridians could have over energy, while some could be under energy. This can cause a wide range of physical, mental or emotional symptoms depending on which meridian is imbalanced.

Here are 5 crystals for balancing the meridians:

Tourmaline –An under energy meridian can be stimulated by placing a piece of rough tourmaline or a tourmaline wand on the body with the tip facing in the direction of the meridian flow.

Tourmalated Quartz – A wand can be used to direct healing energy in to the meridians to dissolve any blockages and restore balance.

Magnetite – Has a magnetic, positive/ negative realigning effect and can tonify an under energy meridian with its positive charge and sedate an over energy meridian with a negative charge. It can also remove pain and toxins from blocked acupressure points. Holding a piece in each hand can rebalance the meridians.

Serpentine – A piece of serpentine can be placed on blocked acupressure points to clear excess energy or a serpentine egg can be used to massage points. It is normally possible to tell which points are blocked as they will be painful when they are rubbed.

Lepidolite – Can be useful for locating imbalances as it vibrates gently in an area of disease. A lepidolite egg can be used to massage meridian points and release any blocked energy.