5 Crystals For Change + New Beginnings

Everyone has times in their lives where they have change and new beginnings, whether its finding a new job, moving house or a new relationship.

Change can be exciting but sometimes it can be hard to make decisions if you are unsure about the next step to take.

Even if you are feeling confused and think you don’t know what to do, your higher self always sees the bigger picture and the things that the ego can’t see.

The way that you can connect to your higher self is through feeling and emotion. Your higher self communicates through your heart, so if you have a strong feeling in your heart about a certain career or place then that is definitely a message to go in that direction. If you have decided to make a change but don’t feel enthusiastic about it then its probably either the wrong decision or its not the right time as decisions should feel effortless.

The higher self also tries to guide us by excitement. If you keep doing what you feel excited about in the present moment, this will lead to the next most exciting thing. It doesn’t have to be something big, it could be something really simple such as going for a walk outside or phoning a friend. Connecting to excitement and enjoying the moment raises your vibration and that opens you up to new opportunities that you wouldn’t have noticed before.

Often going somewhere new and getting out of your usual routine can help you to think clearly and open you up to new ideas and inspiration for your next move, especially if you set an intention beforehand that you will get signs that lead you in the right direction.

Whatever changes you are facing, crystals are a great support for helping you through uncertain times. Here are 5 crystals for change and new beginnings:

  1. Lepidolite will encourage you to make necessary changes when you are feeling stuck and don’t know how to move forward. It can help you to release patterns that no longer serve you to create space for something new. If you find change stressful, lepidolite can allow you to relax, release any stress and calm your mind.
  2. If you are feeling bored with life, malachite can help you to find adventure. This beautiful stone inspires change and can encourage you to take action towards a new direction.
  3. Fluorite is perfect for organising and planning changes and can allow you to think clearly so that you can easily move forward.
  4. Cerussite can help you to adjust to change. It can also help with making decisions if you are unsure about your next step and can encourage you to be more flexible and adaptable.
  5. Tigers Eye can help you to clearly see the best way forward especially if you’re having trouble seeing the bigger picture. It also allows you to see situations in a more practical way so that you can make a clear plan.