5 Crystals For Healing The Shadow

What Is Shadow Work?

The shadow is the parts of yourself that you keep hidden from others either consciously or unconsciously because they are not considered acceptable. These aspects are created in childhood when parents make you believe that some parts of your personality are good and some are bad, causing you to reject the aspects that are seen as bad. The more that the shadow is hidden away and ignored, the more that it will appear and start to cause problems in your life showing up as destructive behaviour, limiting beliefs or negative emotions such as anger or fear. Shadow work is about uncovering these parts so they can be healed and integrated.

To find out whats in your shadow, you just have to look at how your life is at the moment. You might not have certain things that you would like to have or you might notice negative patterns that keep repeating themselves. Anything that you are triggered by can also uncover your shadow and show you issues that still need to be healed.

Using Crystals For Healing The Shadow

  1. You can meditate with one of the crystals below and ask it to show you how the past is affecting you in any area of your life.
  2. Acknowledge any pain, emotions or limiting beliefs that come up and then decide to let them go and imagine them being absorbed by the crystal for healing. (Holding a piece of rose quartz or smithsonite can provide extra support with this).
  3. You can also visualise any negative or stagnant energy in the body or aura being absorbed by the crystal.
  4. You can then ask the crystal how you can move forward and find new solutions.
  5. Thank and cleanse the crystal.

5 Crystals For Healing The Shadow:

  1. Black obsidian can allow you to see the truth in a situation and help with getting to the core of an issue so that it can be released. It can show you where your blocks and weaknesses are so that you can deal with them and move forward with peace and confidence. Obsidian can also help with uncovering shadow aspects caused by past life and ancestral patterns.
  2. Black Onyx is perfect for holding during shadow work to help you to feel safe and grounded. It can also keep you calm if you are overwhelmed by the process.
  3. Sodalite can bring up the shadow and allow it to be accepted, allowing emotional balance and improving self esteem.
  4. Double Terminated crystals can bring the shadow to the surface and help you to break patterns which no longer serve you.
  5. Tourmalinated quartz can allow the shadow to come up to be healed and helps with releasing patterns which no longer serve. It also absorbs and purifies any negative or stagnant energies released during healing.