Crystals For Past Life Healing

Dolores Cannons Convoluted Universe books explains that Earth is like a type of school and that our souls come here from the spirit world to experience different lifetimes and play different characters. We choose to do this so that our souls can evolve and so that we can learn certain lessons until we “graduate” from the school and choose to go somewhere else. Throughout these lifetimes we have a soul group who may choose to incarnate with us or work with us as spirit guides.

Before we incarnate in each lifetime we meet up with our higher selves, spirit guides and members of our soul group to make plans for what we want to learn. We make agreements with other souls to learn specific lessons from them. Most of the time we make a choice about the circumstances we want to experience in the next life but sometimes we might not have the chance to make this plan and come straight back. This can be due to wanting to see a certain person or have a certain experience and can also be due to outdated vows made in other lifetimes. This may mean that we do not have the chance to heal from the last lifetime. Old patterns and unresolved emotions can be carried forward in to other lifetimes even though they are no longer relevant so that we keep repeating the same cycles. These past life imprints and blockages are carried forward in the cells of the body at a subtle energy level and are known as miasms.

The ancestral line is also passed down to the cells through the DNA and carries information from the lives of all of your ancestors including patterns and traumas that they have been through. Crystals can help with releasing negative karmic and ancestral patterns from the DNA.

How Can Crystals Heal Past Life & Ancestral Patterns?

Quantum physics shows that everything is energy, vibrating at different frequencies and if the cells contain memories of past life or ancestral trauma, the frequency of the cells will be altered causing them to vibrate out of tune. As crystals contain a more coherent energy pattern, they can return the cells to a more optimal state so that the cells can no longer hold on to these negative memories.

All chakras also contain information from past lives and when they are imbalanced, can trigger specific past life, karmic and ancestral issues to play out again in this life time. Placing appropriate crystals on the chakra related to the issue or can help to resolve this by bringing the chakra back in to balance. Just use a crystal with properties related to the specific issue that you feel drawn to. Tapping chakras with crystals such as brandberg amethyst or ancestralite can also help with returning the cells to their original blueprint.

Past life and ancestral memories can also be stored in the aura. You can use a piece of brandberg amethyst to sweep through the different layers, holding the crystal still anywhere you feel drawn to, especially in the casual and higher levels.

Judy Halls book Crystal Prescriptions Volume 6 explains that healing with crystals can also be done on a specific ancestor or past life by using yourself as a surrogate for them. Just do the healing work as normal (such as balancing the chakras or sweeping the aura ) with the intention that they receive the healing. You can also place crystals on top of a photo of them or on a family tree with the intention of sending healing energy to them.

Crystals For Past Life Healing

The following crystals can be used for past life healing work:

  • Infinite stone is perfect for completing past life issues. It can facilitate any healing that was needed after past lives ended and can help with clearing past life issues that are causing problems in the present, especially in relationships.
  • Rutilated quartz can allow you to gain insights on how past life situations have affected the present and understand the effects of previous actions. It can also help with clearing imbalances from the past and allow you to connect with your soul plan for this lifetime.
  • Brandberg amethyst has works on past life and ancestral blocks found in the DNA and can return the energy to how it was before any imprints.
  • Lemurian seed can help with breaking past life and ancestral patterns and healing karmic wounds.
  • Lilac smithsonite can help you to visit past lives to integrate soul energy that may have stayed behind after a traumatic past life death.
  • Obsidian can heal past life and ancestral patterns and motivate you to grow and evolve.
  • Prehnite restores trust in the universe after difficult past life experiences. It can help with healing illness by allowing you to discover the karma or blocked emotions which may have caused it. A piece of prehnite can be placed on the third eye to gain insights and guidance in to this.

Crystals For Past Life Relationships

  • Wulfenite helps you to recognise other souls which you agreed to meet while in the in between life state and can allow you to discover the purpose of meeting them.
  • Larimar heals past life relationships and can help with finding soul mates and guiding the soul on to the right path.
  • Lithium quartz’s powerful healing effect goes back to past lives to heal the original trauma that’s affecting relationships in this lifetime.
  • Rhodonite is one of the most powerful stones for forgiveness and can heal past life issues related to betrayal and abandonment.

Crystals For Ancestral Healing

  • Ancestralite reaches back to the start of the ancestral line to heal unresolved traumas and allow us to gain wisdom from the ancestors. It works in a similar way to Brandberg amethyst and returns the cells to their original blueprint before they were affected by trauma from past lives or ancestors.
  • Danburite can cleanse karma & release miasms that have been carried down the ancestral line.
  • Golden Healer can help with locating the cause of disease in the ancestral line and creating energetic balance.