How To Follow Signs From The Universe

Sometimes you can reach a point in your life when you have no idea what to do next. If you look carefully the universe is always trying to guide you by giving you signs to follow.

If it feels like everything is going wrong or if you are having to overwork or force something to happen, this is the universe telling you that you need to make some changes or raise your vibration. When you are in alignment with your soul, you will feel supported, the right people will show up at the right time, you will feel inspired and everything will seem to flow.

Sometimes when looking for signs it can be good to get away from your everyday life and go somewhere completely different or get out of your normal routine. This can give you the opportunity to meet different types of people you wouldn’t normally meet and opens up new possibilities. You can only become aware of new paths and opportunities when you are resonating at the same vibration as them and going to new places and trying different things will help to put you in a different vibration.

Crystals such as moonstone, labradorite and snowflake obsidian can also increase the number of signs and synchronicities from the universe and if you want rapid change or transformation, moldavite is one of the best stones to facilitate that.

Here are some common signs from the universe you can follow:

  • Animals – If you see the same animal many times in a short space of time, animals behaving strangely or in the wrong place this can be an important message for you. For me, birds staring in the window or tapping at the window has always been a warning but this doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing for everyone. To work out what this could be trying to tell you, you could look at the characteristics of the animal and see how this applies to situations in your own life.
  • Dreams – Sometimes if you are feeling confused or stuck, your dreams can give you clues to guide you in the right direction. You may also see images in a dream, which could be symbolic or metaphors. If you have nightmares, this can be a sign that you need to raise your vibration.
  • People – You will keep seeing the same people until you have learned what you need to learn from them. People may also appear with the right information at the right time or recommend something, which may be useful to you. If you keep seeing the same types of negative people then you may need to do something to shift your energy or strengthen your boundaries.
  • Pain – This can be a symptom of blocked energy or a metaphor such as pain in the feet if you are afraid to move forward or blocked ears if you are not listening to your intuition and what you already know.
  • Delays – Sometimes this can mean that your path is not right for you or that you may need to release some blocked energy or raise your vibration so that you can move forward.
  • Music/ Lyrics – If you keep hearing the same song or you get a song stuck in your head, you should pay close attention to the lyrics as they may have an important message for you.
  • Crystals – Being drawn to a certain crystal means that it has energetic properties that can heal or support you at this time in your life. Also disliking a particular type of crystal can reveal an aspect of your shadow that you might not be ready to face yet. To find out what this could be you could read about the crystal meaning or hold it and see what it brings to mind.
  • Feeling that you want change/ feeling a lack of enthusiasm for a project – This may mean that its not right for you and that you need to make some changes to the current project or maybe do something new. When trying to decide what to do next, it is important that your intuition, mind and heart all match up and then you will know you have made the correct decision. If something feels out of alignment or your not sure if you are making the correct decision, it might not be the right timing yet as its better if a decision feels effortless. It is also useful to be adaptable and go where life takes you instead of trying to stick to a plan that isn’t right for you anymore.