How To Create A Manifestation Journal

A manifestation journal is a notebook that is used only for writing down ideas connected with your goals so that you can build positive momentum and energy towards them in a practical way. This can help you to stay focused and motivated and can also allow you to see how much progress you have made. You should aim to do this every day as consistency is essential for manifesting your goals.

You could start by writing down 5 things every day that you’re already grateful for. Gratitude is a high vibration emotion and by focusing on the things that you appreciate, you are aligning yourself with the energy of abundance and will attract more of it in to your life. If you want to attract more freedom, be grateful for all of the freedom that you have right now. If you want to attract more fun, be grateful for the fun that’s already in your life and you will attract more of it.

You can also be grateful in advance for things that you don’t already have yet. If you want to attract money you can write down over and over again –“ I am so grateful now that I am earning ? amount a month” and this will prepare your subconscious mind for receiving your goal.

If you notice that you have any blocks or repeating patterns coming up and sabotaging your plans, you can take note of them in your journal so that you can deal with them. To clear any blocks you could try an alternative therapy such as kinesiology which can be a powerful way of releasing stress, blocked emotions and limiting beliefs.

Future scripting is another powerful way of programming your subconscious mind for success and abundance. This involves writing about your future dream life as though it has already happened or is happening now. It should be written in as much detail as possible and should include the emotions that you would be feeling, your ideal career, the amount you would be earning and how you would be acting. This will help to shift your sense of identity and you will start to become the future version of you that you are writing about. You can also add some pictures, similar to a vision board so that you have a focus for your visualisations.

As you will need to take action to achieve your goals or manifestation, you can write down any plans that you have for achieving your goals, and the action that you have been taking to get there. For example if you want to manifest your dream job you could update your cv, research potential companies that you could work for and look for courses related to that job to give you extra skills.

It can also help to write down any positive momentum that you see in relation to your goals as this can help to give you extra motivation. Once you notice all of the small things that you are already manifesting, the bigger things will seem much easier and you will start to release your limiting beliefs around the manifestation process. You may also see signs that let you know you are on the right track such as rainbows, 4 leaf clovers, dreams where you have the things that you want, positive syncronocities and feeling excited for no reason.