How To Raise The Energy Of Your Home

As we spend so much time in our homes, its important to keep the energy as high as possible and free from blockages which may cause us to feel tense or anxious. Here are 10 ways to raise the energy of your home so that you have a space where you can feel safe, relaxed and inspired:

Fresh air

Windows should be opened regularly, especially while you are sleeping to allow more oxygen in and allow chi to circulate. This will allow you to wake up with more energy and a clearer head.


Any type of clutter or old objects with bad memories should be given away. Clutter can be stored in baskets if there is nowhere for it to go and should never be stored on the floor.

Clean With Essential oils and Natural Cleaning Products

Your home needs to be cleansed regularly to keep the space clear from any blockages, release any stagnant energy and allow the chi to flow. You can also place a bowl of salt in each corner to absorb any negative energy.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the Chinese practice of living in harmony with our environment. Every area of a room or the entire home represents a different area of life and a different element from the Chinese 5 elements.
The bagua above can be placed with the Wealth and Abundance section in the southeast or turn the bagua so that the side which your front door is on is at the bottom (even if it’s a front door that is no longer used). It should give you some idea of how to boost each area with crystals and other cures to raise the energy of your home and allow it to flow smoothly but its also important to keep each area in balance rather than just boosting the one that’s most important to you.


Burning herbs, smudge sticks or essential oils is a great way to create a sacred space, raise the energy of your home, clear the air of any impurities and release any stale energies.

  • White Sage is one of the best herbs to use for protection, cleansing and purifying a space and is great for removing any unwanted energy from objects or a person.
  • Lavender has a relaxing, cleansing, positive energy and is soothing for the mind.
  • Rose can help to attract love and open the heart.
  • Cedar has a healing energy and cleanses and protects against negative energy.
  • Rosemary has a cleansing, healing, purifying effect and removes negativity. It is said to attract fairies and good energy.
  • Peppermint is cleansing, stimulating and purifying. It especially good for clearing your mind or cleansing a space after an illness.
  • Pine has a cleansing, purifying energy and is great for protecting a space.
  • Cinnamon has a high vibration and is good for raising the energy in a space.
  • Basil attracts love, peace and money and protects against evil entities.
  • Chamomile has soothing, relaxing effects which can help you to get a good nights sleep.
  • Juniper has a cleansing, uplifting energy and is great for calming nerves. It also has protective effects and can absorb negative energy from curses or the evil eye.
  • Mullein is great for grounding and focus and can help to protect against nightmares.
  • Bay Leaves have a relaxing effect which is also energising at the same time, making them great for meditation. They can also be burned for psychic protection, healing and purification.

Himalayan salt lamps

These are great for clearing and purifying the air as they emit negative ions when switched on, which helps to neutralize the positive ions created by EMF’s


Burning a candle creates a warm, soothing atmosphere and promotes feelings of relaxation and well being. In Feng Shui candles represent the energies of purification and inspiration and can bring vibrancy to a space.

Tibetan Bells and Singing Bowls

These can help to break up and disperse heavy energy. You can go through your home one room at a time striking the bowl, especially in areas where the energy feels a bit off. You can also play spiritual music or tones depending on the type of energy that you would like to create.


Powerspots are vibrationally imprinted with subtle energies which make harmful EMF’s more compatible with the bodies energy field. They can be placed on smart meters, computers, phones, WIFI etc to reduce positive ions


Plants are great for purifying the air and removing toxins :

  • Spider plants produce oxygen and remove toxins such as carbon monoxide and formaldehyde from the air.
  • Snake plants are believed to have a protective, purifying effect in Feng Shui. They also produce more oxygen than most other plants, remove toxins such as benzene and formaldehyde and reduce carbon dioxide during the night.
  • Peace Lilly’s improve indoor air quality and absorb mold spores and acetone. They can also be placed next to a computer or WIFI to absorb radiation.