How to Make a Crystal Grid

A crystal grid involves arranging different types of crystals into a geometric shape to create an energy field. This can be a powerful way of manifesting your intentions and can also be used for healing yourself or the environment.

Here are some instructions for how to make a crystal grid:

  1. Decide on your intention or affirmation. This could be to create abundance, heal the environment, protect yourself, anything that you would like to have in your life.
  2. Chose crystals with properties that are aligned to your intention. So if you want to create abundance you could use citrine and aventurine, for protection you could use obsidian, fluorite and lepidolite. Just have a look at the properties of the crystals and see what works or you can use any that you are drawn to. I’ve used rough orange calcite pieces , a calcite heart, a calcite egg, citrine tumblestones, quartz points and a selenite tower which is good for manifesting abundance, happiness and creativity.
  3. Burn some incense to cleanse your energy and the space. If you are doing this outside, it might be a good idea to ask permission to make a grid in the area using muscle testing or dowsing. You should also make sure that the crystals you are using are cleansed and charged.
  4. Write your intention on a piece of paper and place it in the centre of the pattern or if you want to send healing energy to a specific person, you could put a photo there instead.
  5. Visualise your intention and say it out loud.
  6. Place the crystals in the grid starting from the outside and moving in, keep focusing on your intention while you are doing this.
  7. Place the centre crystal on top of the intention.
  8. Activate the grid by drawing an invisible line between each crystal with a quartz point.
  9. The grid can now be left as long as you need it for and hopefully it will manifest your desires!