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Crystal Healing In Perthshire

A crystal healing treatment would typically include a chakra balance, sacred geometry grid and energy healing.

Chakra Balance

When the chakras are unbalanced, they are vibrating out of tune and placing crystals that resonate with the specific frequency of a chakra on to each chakra can help to bring them back in to balance.

First of all, I will test the different chakras with a pendulum to see if they are balanced, overactive or underactive.

I will then place a combination of crystals on the body to balance the chakras and retest with the pendulum to make sure that the chakras are now balanced.

I would also use a wand to take out any blocked energy and put light back in to the body.

What is a chakra?

The chakras are spinning discs of subtle energy which act as an interface between the physical body and the aura, receiving and expressing spiritual energy. There are 7 main chakras on the body and each one represents an aspect of life or state of consciousness. The chakras are programmed with patterns which effect all areas of our lives and influence the way we think, feel and behave. Many of these patterns are outdated and may come from past lives, ancestors, limiting beliefs from childhood etc which are not serving us. Balancing the chakras can help with changing these old patterns and creating new ones which can support us better throughout our lives.

Here is a basic guide to the chakra characteristics and how it typically will typically look when they are underactive or overactive (please note that it is possible to have characteristics that are both excessive and deficient).

Base/ Root

Characteristics when balanced – grounded, stability, security, balance, physical strength, focus, able to take practical action, feeling safe, abundant

Under active – ungrounded, easily confused, overwhelmed, lack of stability, feeling empty, disconnected from the body, poor focus, disorganised

Over active – overeating, fear of change, greedy lazy, materialistic


Characteristics when balanced – creative, inspired, fun, enthusiasm, energy for moving forward, nurturing, healthy boundaries, able to express and contain emotions appropriately

Underactive – out of touch with feelings, stuck, stagnation, poor social skills, lack of excitement, lack of pleasure in life

Overactive – addictions to sex or alcohol, strong emotions, oversensitive, emotionally dependant, obsessive

Solar Plexus

Characteristics when balanced – confident, good will power and discipline, motivated to take action, good self esteem, healthy boundaries, responsible, warm personality

Underactive – poor self esteem and self image, lack of motivation, poor boundaries, letting people treat you badly, feeling powerless, low energy, lack of self discipline, unreliable, emotionally cold

Overactive – feeling superior to others, controlling, aggressive, manipulative, stubborn, competitive


Characteristics when balanced – capable of loving ourselves and others, compassion, empathy, peaceful, balanced

Underactive – unable to love yourself or others, lack of compassion and empathy, feelings of loneliness, isolation, fear of relationships, depression

Overactive – codependant, jealous, doing too much for others, demanding

Higher Heart

Characteristics when balanced – abundance, compassion, peace, patience, unconditional love, spiritual growth, forgiveness, connection with the higher self, good immune system

Underactive – difficulty expressing emotions, lack of confidence, fear of adversity, weak immune system, lack of purpose/direction in life

Overactive – anxious, impatient, nervous, intolerant of others, autoimmune disorders


Characteristics when balanced – able to express yourself clearly and speak your truth, clear and confident communication, able to express your opinions

Underactive – poor communication skills, afraid to express your ideas, opinions or feelings, not speaking up if you are treated badly, shyness

Overactive – talking too much, poor listening skills, gossiping

Third Eye

Characteristics when balanced – intuition, good imagination, good memory, able to visualise

Underactive – not trusting intuition, poor memory, insensitive, in denial, lack of imagination

Overactive – delusional, obsessive, finding it hard to concentrate, nightmares


Characteristics when balanced – connection to source, open minded, wisdom, intelligence, deep sense of joy and peace

Underactive – not trusting the universe, close minded, sceptical, learning difficulties

Overactive – confused, overthinking, overanalysing, spiritual addiction, headaches, difficulty making decisions

Sacred Geometry Crystal Grid

Sacred geometry is the purest form of language and contains high frequencies of energy. It also holds information that supports the vibration of our energy body and combining crystals with sacred geometry makes the effects much more powerful.

During this section of the treatment, I would place crystals around you to create a grid layout. This could include shapes such as a circle, square, triangle, pyramid, spiral, pentagram, star of David, flower of life or connection to source layout.

Once you are inside the grid I would then do some energy healing for around 10-15 minutes. This could involve some shamballa reiki, sound healing, meridian tracing or using a feather to clear your aura.


Treatments will be fully clothed and lying down.

A session will last 1 hour for £45 or 30 mins for £25.

This treatment is available at Studio 2, Old Academy Buildings, 6 – 7 Rose Terrace Perth, PH1 5HA

If you would like a free consultation you can email me to arrange a phone call to see how I can best help you. Otherwise if you would just like to book, please email me to arrange an appointment –