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Moldavite Healing Properties

Moldavite is a rare stone with extraterrestrial energies which was created when a meteorite hit the Earth near the River Moldau.

A stone of rapid change and transformation, moldavite can allow outdated patterns and situations to immediately drop out of your life.

Moldavite has a very high vibration and can also raise the vibration of other crystals. It can also help with raising your vibration, open up hidden spiritual abilities and help with gaining insights on how to move forward.

Perfect for journeying and exploring consciousness, moldavite can be placed on the third eye during meditation to allow access to past lives, future potentials, akashic records and in between lives. This can allow you to find out the reason for incarnating at this time.

Moldavite also improves communication with the higher self and can also allow communication with ascended masters.

A helpful stone for anyone who is very sensitive, moldavite helps with adjusting to the energies of the planet, especially when placed on the heart.

Size: 15 x 9 mm


All crystals are spiritual supports to healing and are not guaranteed to have the effects stated. These effects are based on personal experiences. Anyone with any of the illnesses mentioned should consult their GP. Please do not rely on crystals for healing.