Orange Calcite Cut Base Tower


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Orange Calcite Cut Base Tower Healing Properties

This orange calcite cut base tower has a cleansing, energising effect and can remove heavy, stuck energies such as fear, stress and depression from the body.

Orange calcite also has an uplifting effect and can remove heavy negative energies from your space so that it feels lighter and re-energised.

Calcite is also useful for improving confidence, creativity and motivation and helping people to come up with new solutions and ideas where a project has been stalled or hope has been lost.


  • Good for the reproductive, gallbladder and intestinal disorders
  • Removes mucus from the system

Size: 60 x 60 mm


All crystals are spiritual supports to healing and are not guaranteed to have the effects stated. These effects are based on personal experiences. Anyone with any of the illnesses mentioned should consult their GP. Please do not rely on crystals for healing.

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