Tri Colour Tourmaline Matrix


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Tri Colour Tourmaline Matrix Healing Properties

This rough tri colour tourmaline matrix contains pink, green and black tourmaline.

Pink Tourmaline has a powerful healing effect on the heart chakra and can help you feel that its safe to love. It can also be used to attract love and can be placed on the heart to fill the body with a powerful feeling of love. It can also heal holes in the aura and allow you to release stress and depression so that you can enjoy life more.

Green tourmaline has powerful healing, detoxifying and balancing effects and strengthens the nervous system. If you are feeling stuck or don’t know how to move forward, it can allow you to see an overview of the situation and help you to chose the best solution.

Black tourmaline is powerful psychic protector against spells and psychic attack and can keep the aura balanced in the presence of negative energies.

Black tourmaline cleanses and balances all chakras but especially links with the root chakra, increasing energy and endurance. Its grounding energy can also relieve tension and clear negative thoughts to encourage you to have a positive attitude at all times. Tourmaline can also clear blockages and remove negative energy from the body and can stimulate under energy meridians.

Black tourmaline also has a healing effect on the mind and can balance both hemispheres of the brain to improve rational thinking, concentration and focus. It can also help to increase your confidence and allow you to understand yourself and others better.

A good protector against electromagnetic pollution, black tourmaline can be placed on a computer  or worn on the body to reduce the harmful effects.


Size: 80 x 50 x 35 mm


All crystals are spiritual supports to healing and are not guaranteed to have the effects stated. These effects are based on personal experiences. Anyone with any of the illnesses mentioned should consult their GP. Please do not rely on crystals for healing.