Featherstone Energy Healing In Perth


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Featherstone Energy Healing in Perthshire

Featherstone energy healing uses ancient shamanic knowledge and the energies of unconditional love to transmute blocked energies and clear negative energetic patterns from the body.

Emotional blockages are created when emotions are not expressed and become trapped so that we are still carrying the emotional charge in the body. This can cause us to feel stuck and stop us from achieving our goals.

Blocked emotions can also manifest as physical symptoms such as long term pain, allergies and headaches which are the bodies way of drawing attention to the issue so that it can be healed.

Featherstone energy healing can help to balance the bodies energy to increase feelings of wellbeing and remove these blocks to allow you to move forward more easily.

The Feather + The Stone

The Feather holds powerful spiritual energy from the heavens and has a refreshing, calming effect on the body.

The Stones holds ancient knowledge and wisdom and work at a deeper level to balance the body and remove deeper stuck energies.

During The Session

To begin, you can set an intention if you would like to, although this is up to you and you don’t have to tell me anything if you would prefer not to. I will then open the healing circle and call on your spirit guides to guide me through the treatment.

During the treatment, I may use various techniques such as:

  • Cutting cords
  • Balancing chakras
  • Tapping and sweeping away blocked energies with the feather
  • Placing stones on the body for grounding and absorbing negative energies
  • Polishing the aura and physical body with the stones
  • Tracing meridians and figure of 8’s with my hands
  • Using colour + breathwork
  • Using sound, such as a rattle or channelling noises from power animals

I may also place various crystals on the body during the treatment, including Scottish stones such as Burn Anne Agate, Scottish Amethyst, Iona Beach Pebbles, Highland Marble and Isla Rose Pink Calcite.

Benefits Of Featherstone Healing Include:

  • Improved concentration
  • Improved motivation
  • Increased energy
  • Increased feelings of well being
  • Relief from stress
  • Increased relaxation
  • Feeling more grounded + balanced
  • Feeling as though you can move forward more easily

Treatments will be fully clothed and lying down.

A session will last 50 mins – 1 hour

This treatment will be available from 15th February 2024 at Studio 2, Old Academy Buildings, 6 – 7 Rose Terrace Perth, PH1 5HA

If you would like a free consultation you can email me to arrange a phone call to see how I can best help you. Otherwise if you would just like to book, please email me to arrange an appointment – laurenh141@gmail.com