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El Sol Y La Luna Therapies by Lauren Henderson

I first decided to study alternative therapies when I was walking the Camino De Santiago in Spain a few years ago. I had decided to do the Camino as I had just split up with my ex boyfriend who I also worked for and didn’t know what to do next in my life. I was looking for a sign to point me on a new path and noticed that I kept ending up in conversations with people about kinesiology. I met people that had tried kinesiology, people who knew kinesiologists and people who were kinesiologists. I had recently tried kinesiology myself but didn’t think that I was the type of person that could do that kind of work. Maybe I wasn’t at the time but found it really interesting and decided to take a course in Touch For Health Kinesiology in Bristol a couple of months later.

I really loved the TFH course and felt like I had found what I was supposed to do. The journey to being a healer was not straightforward though and I had to overcome many obstacles on the way. I realise now though that it was just the universe preparing me to do this type of work. This has also given me the time to go on my own healing journey, do more courses and read as many books as possible on spiritual topics and personal development.

In 2023 I qualified in Featherstone Energy Healing and Crystal Healing which I love just as much as TFH and am now ready to offer treatments in this.

To find out more please follow the links below:

Meridian Balancing (TFH Kinesiology)

Featherstone Healing

Crystal Healing

At the moment I am doing treatments in Perth, Scotland but hope to expand to other areas. The address for the studio is below:

Studio 2, Old Academy Buildings, 6-7 Rose Terrace, Perth, PH1 5HA