5 Crystals For Connecting With Your Higher Self

If we want to feel in alignment and as though our lives are going in the right direction, its important to find ways to connect with the higher self. The higher self is our connection to source and is the part of us that records everything that’s happened in our present lives, past lives and in between lives. It knows everything about what’s going on in the body and knows what we have to do to live our ideal lives and be in alignment with our purpose. If we are out of balance or have gone down the wrong path, the higher self tries to get our attention and send us signs about the things we have to change in our lives. If we don’t pay attention, things will continue to get worse until either we decide to make changes or until there’s no way back from the situation.

If we have a good connection with this part of ourselves and understand the messages it’s trying to send us, then we can make the necessary changes and return back to alignment. Connecting with this part of us regularly can help us to receive guidance so that we can stay balanced, make better decisions, move forward more easily and be aligned with our life purpose.

11 Ways of Connecting With Your Higher Self:


Dreams link the higher self and the conscious mind and communicate messages to us through symbols. They can allow us to gain insights into current situations and situations that have not yet happened and can reveal emotions that are hidden below the surface. By paying attention to our dreams and trying to work out what they mean we can improve the function of our right brain and develop our intuition and connection with our higher selves.

Oracle Cards

You can practice looking at the images in the cards and seeing what comes to mind. This can teach us to think symbolically. Everything that happens on the outside is a reflection of what’s happening on the inside so you can try and see how the images on the cards relate to how you are feeling or to situations in your life.

Flower Essences

Richard Gerber writes in his book Vibrational Medicine that “Flower essences contain the very energies of pure consciousness that allow the connections between lower and higher selves to be re-established. These types of vibrational healing modalities can help the higher qualities of the soul manifest more easily at the physical level, thus allowing for healing and increased awareness”.

Listen To Your Body

Physical symptoms and disease can be seen as warning signs from the higher self that there is a blockage at some level in the body. The higher self will try to communicate this to us symbolically and through metaphors. For example if you have a sty in your eye, this can be a sign that there’s something you don’t like seeing in your life or someone who is overweight may be trying to protect themselves from the outside world. There are more examples of the emotions and mental patterns behind illness in the book Heal Your Body by Louise Hay.

Go On A Pilgrimmage Or Long Distance Walk

This can give you space away from your everyday routine and every day thoughts so that your mind is more relaxed and messages from the higher self can come through more easily.


Signs can come in many different ways and the more you pay attention, the more signs you will receive. Signs can appear if an unexpected event is about to take place, to let you know that you are safe, protected and on the right path or as a warning that you are going down the wrong path. If you notice something unusual and feel that it might be a sign, notice how you feel in your body. Does it make you feel light, happy and excited or does it make you feel heavy or unsettled?

One of the most common ways that signs have come to me is through animals. For example seeing frogs when I was feeling abundant and getting lots of sales, seeing a recurring swarm of bees as a warning not to do a course I wanted to do or seeing butterflies at a time of positive change or transformation. If you keep seeing the same animal over and over again you can look at the characteristics of the animal and see how this applies to your own life.


Meditation calms your mind and stop the conscious mind from interfering so that guidance from the higher self can come through. Deep meditation puts the brain in to theta or gamma waves allowing your brain to open up to insights from higher realms.


Imagination is the language of the higher self and practicing visualisation regularly, improves the ability to receive messages from dreams and guided meditations.

Connect With Your Heart

One way that you can connect to your higher self is through feeling and emotions, especially excitement. Your higher self communicates through your heart, so if you have a strong feeling in your heart about a certain career or place then that is definitely a message to go in that direction. If you have decided to make a change but don’t feel enthusiastic about it then its probably either the wrong decision or its not the right time as decisions should feel effortless. In Chinese medicine, the heart is the ruler and if the heart is happy, it will send out coherent waves which brings the other organs in to alignment. When the heart is out of alignment, this will create disharmony in the other organs and energies in the body.

Beyond Quantum Healing

BQH works in a similar way to Dolores Cannons QHHT and involves entering a hypnotic state to explore consciousness and facilitate contact with the higher self, spirit guides and angels.  As the higher self knows everything about you, this can allow access to powerful healing and answers to any questions you may have regarding any aspect of your life.


Here are 5 crystals for connecting with your higher self during meditation or visualisation:

Amethyst can help with reaching a deep state of peace and understanding during meditation and can allow you to ground spiritual insights into the physical reality. A useful crystal for dream work, amethyst can also promote intuitive dreams and help you to remember them. Amethyst can also be used to improve psychic abilities and open the third eye to improve intuition.

Moonstone can improve connection with the higher self and allow you to become more aware of unconscious thoughts. It improves psychic abilities such as intuition and increases signs and synchronicities to guide you on to the highest possible path.

Moldavite is perfect for exploring consciousness and can be used to facilitate connection with the higher self. It can be placed on the third eye during meditation to allow access to past lives, future potentials, akashic records and in between lives so that you can find out the reason for incarnating at this time.

Celestite can help with improving psychic abilities and developing spiritually. It has a calming effect on the mind and can help you to trust the messages and guidance that you are receiving from the higher self.

Lapis Lazuli has a deeply relaxing energy and is perfect for dream work and exploring consciousness. A stone of harmony, lapis lazuli facilitates physical, mental, emotional balance to bring you in to alignment with your higher self and life path. Lapis also promotes a clear mind and can allow you to become more aware of your inner truth.