5 Crystals For Finding Your Purpose

Finding your purpose is being on the right path for yourself and doing what you love so that you can enjoy your life as much as possible. If you are not sure what your purpose is, you can try these 5 ways to help you find out.

Follow Your Heart

Your purpose is whatever is in your heart as that’s how your higher self communicates with you. Many people have an idea of what their purpose is but think that its just a dream and isn’t possible for them when really, the fact that its in their heart means that its exactly what they are supposed to be doing. For a lot of people, following their purpose can be scary as they may think that they have to give up the security of their jobs but really they can do both at once and just gradually increase their passion until they are making enough money to go full time.

What Are Your Skills?

Making money should be a side effect of doing whatever your passion is. Think about your skills and the things that you enjoy and see if any of them can translate in to a job or business. You could start to write a list of these without even thinking about it and see what comes up.
If you are finding it hard to decide, just pick the one that you are most drawn to, you don’t have to know how you are going to do it yet, just decide that you are going to commit to it and take 1 action towards it straight away. This could contacting someone who is already doing it for advice, looking up more information online or looking for courses that are related to it. Your purpose could be more than 1 thing or it could be different things at different times in your life but it will probably be whatever you are most drawn to at that moment.

Look For Signs And Synchronocities

A few years ago I split up with my ex boyfriend and lost my job. I had been working for him running a shop selling similar products to my website and really loved my job. I felt totally lost when I had to leave and had no idea what to do next. I thought about maybe trying to start my own shop but I felt really unsettled and was unsure about where I wanted to live. I decided to walk the Camino De Santiago to clear my head and get some inspiration. During the walk, I ended up getting in lots of conversations with people about kinesiology, either with people who had tried kinesiology, people who knew kinesiologists or people were kinesiologists. It felt really obvious to me that my next step had to be taking a kinesiology course.
If you don’t seem to be getting any signs, you could set the intention that you will start to get some or ask your spirit guides for some help.
It can sometimes be harder to notice signs in your every day life. I always seem to get clearer signs when I am away from my usual routine and feel more relaxed and open to speaking people that I don’t know.

Do Something Different

You might never have heard of your dream job so its good to try new things, go to different places, take courses, speak to as many people as possible and read different books to get new ideas and inspiration.


Here are 5 crystals for finding your purpose, you can carry them in your pocket or they can be made in to a crystal grid to make your intention even more powerful.

  1. Aventurine can allow you to see new opportunities and possibilities that you hadn’t noticed before and open you up to taking new paths. It also turns negative situations in to positive and can encourages determination and patience.
  2. Citrine can help you to find the right path for yourself if you are feeling lost. It can also attract success and abundance and can give you the confidence and optimism to make changes.
  3. Larimar removes limiting beliefs that you may have about yourself in relation to your purpose. It can also stop you from sabotaging yourself.
  4. Topaz can help you to have a clear vision of what you want in life and to see the bigger picture. It also allows you to tap in to hidden abilities to achieve your goals.
  5. Sugilite can help you to find your life purpose and allow you to find answers to questions that you have about your purpose.