10 Crystals For Healers + Therapists

All crystals have healing properties but some are especially useful for healers and therapists to heal, protect and ground themselves or to help a client to release blocked emotions and balance their energy.

Here are 10 essential crystals for healers and therapists:

  1. A Lemurian Quartz wand is perfect for directing and focusing energy during healing work such as balancing chakras and removing attachments. They can also be used for healing pain in the body. To do this, just place the base of the wand on the site of pain and visualise any negative energy moving through the crystal and out of the point. Lemurian wands can also be used to sweep away any negative energy from the clients energy field.
  2. Rutilated quartz is perfect for spiritual growth and can remove any barriers that are getting in the way. Perfect for any type of healing work, rutilated quartz can purify negative energy from clients and support them while they release blocked emotions. It can also allow clients to get to the core of a problem and help them to move in a new direction.
    Rutilated quartz can also help with gaining insight on how past lives have affected you in this lifetime and can also connect you with the souls plan for this lifetime. It has a powerful protective energy and can improve intuition about a person or situation and protect against psychic attack.
  3. Apophyllite’s high vibration makes it perfect for raising the energy of a therapy room. It can be kept underneath a treatment table to clear the room of negative energy. This will also have a soothing effect on the client and help them to release negative thought patterns. Apophyllite is also a powerful transmitter of healing energy making it perfect for reiki and energy healing.
  4. Prehnite is said to “heal the healer” and has a soothing energy of unconditional love. It can help with healing illness by allowing you to discover the karma or blocked emotions which may have caused it. A piece of prehnite can also be placed on the third eye to gain insights and guidance and allow you to prepare for future events.
  5. Black Kyanite has a grounding, comforting, replenishing energy and is one of the most useful crystals that a healer can own. Therapists can keep a piece in their pocket during treatments to create a shield around the aura which stops any negative energy from entering and prevents them from taking on any energies which are not theirs. It has a healing effect on all chakras and can be placed on them to heal and repair any holes. Its brush shape is also perfect for brushing away any unwanted energies and cutting cords.
  6. Fluorite has a highly cleansing, protective effect and is perfect for clearing a therapy room of any negative energy or unwanted thought forms. It can be taped to the spleen to prevent clients from taking energy.
  7. Healers Gold is a combination of pyrite and magnetite and has a balancing effect on all of the bodies energy systems. It aligns the aura, balances male and female energies within the body, energises all chakras and stimulates energy flow in the meridians. It also increases chi in the body and promotes a positive outlook.
  8. Rose Quartz has a soothing, peaceful energy and is perfect for releasing stress and blocked emotions. It may be comforting for a client to hold a piece of rose quartz when talking about trauma. A piece of rose quartz can also be taped to the heart to avoid picking up heart break from clients.
  9. Golden Healer quartz allows life force energy to flow through the body to release blockages and heal on many different levels. A golden healer quartz cluster can be placed under a treatment table to fill the room with a powerful healing energy and raise the clients energy. It can also help with releasing patterns which no longer serve.
  10. Clear Quartz is known as the “Master Healer” and is a powerful amplifier of energy. It balances all chakras and cleanses the subtle bodies and can be used for almost any spiritual purpose, such as past life work, travel between dimensions and amplifying the energies of other crystals. Quartz can also bring the bodies energy in to balance and restore it to a perfect state before any illness.