How To Shift To Your Dream Reality In 2023

Instead of trying to create or manifest a new reality, it can be much easier just to shift to your dream reality where the ideal version of you already exists.

Dolores Cannons book Convoluted Universe 1 talks about different parallel realities and the idea that every time you make a decision, the energy of the other possible options has to go somewhere creating new timelines/ parallel realities which are slightly different to the current reality and have slightly different versions of each of us.

The reality that we are currently experiencing depends on our vibration. Our beliefs, thoughts, actions and emotions are constantly being reflected back to us and to shift to a different reality all you have to do is make changes in any of these. The bigger the changes that you make, the bigger the shift that you will experience.

How To Shift To Your Dream Reality

Step 1) Be Clear About What You Want

Setting intentions for the reality you want to shift to will help you to stay focused. Its important to be clear about what you want and make sure that your desires are coming from your heart and not your ego.

Its also important to notice how your current thoughts and actions have got you to where you are at the moment and be aware of things that could lower your energy and stop you from getting where you want to be. Your environment or certain people could be holding you back or you may have limiting beliefs or a lack of energy and focus. Kinesiology can be a great way of clearing any blocks or limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck. Its also important to make sure your subconscious mind is supporting your new reality.

Step 2) Match The Vibration Of The Dream Reality

You don’t actually think your own thoughts, you pick up on them and the thoughts that you pick up on depend on your vibration.

To shift to your dream reality you have to be in the vibration of it and one way that you can change our vibration is through emotion. By visualising your ideal self and feeling the emotions that you would be feeling, you can pick up on their vibration and start to think how they would be thinking and act how they would be acting. You might also start to see new opportunities that you hadn’t noticed before because you weren’t in the vibration of them.

You should visualise yourself in the parallel reality where you have everything that you want in as much detail as possible. Imagine what your beliefs would be, how you would be thinking and acting, who your friends would be, what job you would be doing, where you would be living, how much you would be earning, the holidays you would be going on. Decide that that’s who you are now and start living as them.

Step 3) Take Action To Shift To The Dream Reality

Decide to make new choices as a new version of you and before you make any decisions you can ask what would your ideal self do? You should also take action to put you in the vibration of what you want to be doing.

For example if you want to be a therapist you could take courses, go to holistic fairs and places where you could meet people with similar interests and read books written by therapists. If you want to be a blogger you could spend a lot of time reading books and blogs, watching youtubers that talk about a similar type of content or taking courses related to the subject that you want to write about.

You could also decide to make a choice that the old version of you would never have made, something big enough to completely change your reality, such as starting a business, moving away from your old environment, taking a new course, going travelling, going to an exercise class or reading certain types of books.

Step 4) Be Consistent

You should try to do something every day that will put you in the vibration of your ideal self. You need to be committed to what you want 100%  before the universe will start to reflect it back to you though. You have to stay consistent to the new story and take consistent action or there won’t be enough momentum to stay on the new timeline and you will just drift back to the old one. Its what you do on a daily basis that changes your sense of identity.

By changing your identity and taking consistent action towards that identity, you will start to create a powerful momentum. My website was only making about 3 or 4 sales a week when I wasn’t being consistent. I wasn’t really treating it like a business and sometimes I even felt like I was a fake when I told people I had a crystal website. As soon as I decided to see myself as a full time crystal seller and blogger, I started to get sales every day because changing my identity changed the amount of action I was taking and this changed what the universe was reflecting back to me. This was relatively easy to do although I did have to get some kinesiology balances to let go of blocked stress and emotions which were holding me back.

Step 5) Decrease Importance And Let Go

If you try to control things too much, you are not trusting yourself or the universe and creating resistance. Being attached to an outcome is a lower level of vibration and you need to let go so that you can raise your vibration and allow things to happen.

Its important to see it as natural for you to have what you want and to achieve your goals. If you don’t see it as natural then you are not seeing it as part of your self image and you could end up creating resistance and blocking it.

Its best just to focus on your visualisations and feeling the emotion for around 15 minutes a day and then let go and allow things to happen rather than constantly trying to control everything. The rest of the time you should focus on feeling grateful for the areas of your life that are already going well and keeping your vibration high. You could also say an affirmation such as “I let go and trust the process”

Sometimes it takes time to see results but its important to trust that your new reality will have to be reflected back to you sooner or later.

5 Crystals For Reality Shifting

  1. Tigers Eye
  2. Quartz
  3. Citrine
  4. Prehnite
  5. Topaz

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