7 Crystals For Raising Your Vibration

Crystals are a great way of raising your vibration so that you can stay in higher level emotions and create a better reality for yourself, especially if you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed by negativity from the outside world. When your vibration is high, you will feel lighter and more positive and it will be easier for you to manifest what you want. If you are stuck in the lower vibrations such as shame, guilt or fear, you may feel a lot of negativity, life will feel like a struggle and it will be very hard for you to get what you want.

Here are 7 crystals for raising your vibration and connecting with higher energies. You can use them any way you like, by having them in your home or keeping them in your pocket, whatever is easiest for you:

  1. Selenite aligns the mind with higher vibrations and is a great crystal to have in your home for raising the energy. It has a cleansing effect on the aura and chakras and allows light to integrate with the body.
  2. Amethyst connects with the higher chakras and can help you to receive guidance from higher realms. It has a powerful relaxing effect and is a great stone to use in meditation to allow you to reach higher states of consciousness. It also has a powerful healing effect and can purify the bodies energy field.
  3. Quartz works on all levels and can transmute your energy to the highest level possible. It can be used for any spiritual purpose including manifesting, balancing chakras and travelling between dimensions. It can also be used to amplify the energies of other crystals.
  4. Celestite has a very peaceful, soothing high vibrational energy and can be uplifting in difficult or stressful times. It can also help you to contact spirit guides and angels to receive emotional support.
  5. Herkimer Diamonds are made from pure spiritual light and have a clean, rejuvenating energy. They have powerful healing properties and can purify the energy field and cleanse the chakras.
  6. Smoky Elestial can help you to receive information from higher dimensions and integrate high vibrational energy within the body. Its also a great stone for raising and cleansing the energy in your home.
  7. Danburite has a very pure vibration and a gentle, soothing energy. It stimulates the upper chakras, activating higher states of consciousness and allowing you to communicate with angels and spirit guides. It can also help with gaining knowledge and integrating light from the higher dimensions.

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