How To Shift To A Better Reality

Many people are wondering how to shift to a better reality but the majority of people spend much of their lives in the same routine and living on autopilot most of the time.
Most of the thoughts that we have and the choices that we make are exactly the same as the day before which leads us to keep repeating the same experiences over and over again.
According to Dr Joe Dispenzas book – You Are The Placebo, if your thoughts, actions and emotions are the same every day, these become hardwired in to the brain so that most of your behaviours throughout the day are practically unconscious. By being in the same mind every day, you are constantly reinforcing the idea of who you think you are, keeping you stuck in the past.

The first step to shift to a better reality is becoming aware of this and taking action to:

  • Make new choices – as many new choices as possible or do something spontaneous. The bigger the changes you make, the more your life will start to shift. If you don’t like something in your life, make a plan to change it. Every time you make a choice you are putting yourself on a new timeline.
  • Try new experiences – try something outside your comfort zone so that you will see yourself in a new way.
  • Learn new knowledge so that you have something different to think about. You can also read books by people facing similar challenges to you or books by people that you want to be like.


The brain can’t tell the difference between your imagination and reality. The more you visualise the imagined future, the more your body will start to create new genes to reflect this and your brain chemistry will start to change to prepare you. You will start to see a reflection in your life of the new way that your brain is wired.
While visualising, imagine the scenario in as much detail as possible including colours, sounds and smells. Imagine that you are looking through your own eyes and combine this with the emotions you would be feeling such as joy, gratitude and appreciation. By focusing on your visualisation, the body is moving away from focusing on the past and towards a new future. Feeling the emotions is an important part of the process as this allows the visualisation to bypass the analytical mind and enter the subconscious mind which can automatically guide you towards your goal.
You can also make a vision board as this can help you to get clearer about the type of life that you would like to have and make it seem more real in your mind. All you have to do is google images of what you want to attract and copy and paste them on to a word document. You should spend 5 – 10 minutes a day looking at the images and feeling the emotions related to them.

Setting Intentions

You should also set intentions every day, otherwise it’s too easy just to drift along making the same choices as the day before. Setting intentions increases the probability of you taking action and increasing momentum in the direction that you want to go in. If you find it difficult to take action, then you can start with just 1 small thing that you can do and then keep building on that.

Your Story

All of your actions, feelings, beliefs and abilities are consistent with your self-image. For example if you see yourself as someone as someone who is lazy then you won’t take action to work towards your goals or if you see yourself as someone who can only earn a certain amount of money every year then you will stay consistent to that belief.
Many people spend too much time thinking about all the negative things that have happened to them and failures that they have had which gives them a bad self-image and makes it very difficult for them to turns things around.
To change your life you really have to change your story and self-image as positive thinking and affirmations are not enough if they are not consistent with the way that you see yourself.
The book Psycho Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz explains that the secret to success is feeling successful already. He explains that the easiest way of feeling the emotion is to remember times in the past where you had a success and remember how you felt. This can be something small to start with if that’s all you can think of. He says that its important to build up successes gradually until they build up momentum. You can think about small things that you can do in your own life to give you a sense of achievement and build on that.
If you feel this feeling of success while thinking of the end result of your goal, you will automatically make the right decisions, have the right ideas and do whatever it takes to achieve your goal.
He also explains that we can take responsibility for how we feel by only choosing to think of positive memories and not to think of any past failures. There is no point in continually replaying negative events in your head which may be distorting your self-image. If you do have a negative thought or are worried about a future situation, instead of trying to fight it, you can replace it with a positive image of how you would like the situation to turn out.
You can also try to imagine the best version of yourself and what you would be thinking and doing and really focus on the feeling and emotions. The more that you start to think like your ideal self, the more you will start to take on their characteristics and start to create they type of life that they have.


Quantum physics has shown that the most important element in creating the universe is the consciousness that observes it and that nothing in the universe exists separately of our perception of it. Therefore its the way that you see things that determines your reality.
You will always see a reflection in your life of what you believe. For example, if you see the world from a vibration of anger this will be reflected back to you and you may find that people are angry towards you or that you draw situations towards yourself that cause you to be angry.
The first step in changing your beliefs is to become aware of them. Subconscious beliefs can get in the way as you might consciously believe something to be true about yourself but you may have subconscious blocks from past experiences or conflicting beliefs that are attracting the opposite in to your life. For example, you may consciously believe that you deserve to be wealthy but if you have a belief that money is bad then you are blocking yourself from receiving it.
The way that you can tell what your beliefs or blocks are is by looking at how your life is at the moment. You might not have certain things that you would like to have or you might notice patterns that keep repeating themselves.
You can start writing down all of your beliefs about these topics whether good or bad. Once you know what your beliefs are you can start to change them eg if you believe that life is hard, you can try to look for times in your life when things have been easy and repeat the affirmation – “Life is easy”.
By changing your beliefs, you can change your reality in an instant. Once your beliefs change about what’s possible, your life will have to reflect this back to you eventually.

6 Crystals For Shifting To A Better Reality

  • Tangerine quartz is a soothing crystal that can take you in to a more positive vibration and activates the sacral chakra, increasing energy, creativity and new ideas.
  • Danburite is a high vibration crystal, which can help you make big changes in your life and take your soul in a new direction.
  • Prehnite is said to align the heart with the will and connect you to the energy grid of the universe so that you are in alignment with the highest good possible. It can be used to improve visualisation and can prevent you from visualising the worst outcome in a situation.
  • Larimar raises consciousness and allows the soul to adjust to new energies. It has a soothing effect on the emotional body and can remove self-sabotage and blockages that may prevent the soul from finding its true path, allowing you to feel in the flow.
  • Green Aventurine is an energising stone and can help you to move forward in to new situations. It is said to be a stone of luck and opportunity and can be used to manifest prosperity.
  • Scapolite strengthens determination and discipline to help you achieve your goals. It can help you to carry out you souls plan for this lifetime, release old patterns, which are no longer serving you and give you an insight into what’s holding you back.

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