How To Grid Your Home With Crystals

Have you ever wondered how to grid your home with crystals? Creating a crystal grid in your home is a great way to raise the energy, protect yourself from intrusive energies and bring in the types of energies that you would like to have.
Here is a step by step guide to show you how to grid your home with crystals. This also works when used in a room rather than a whole house or even a hotel room if you want to protect yourself while travelling.

  1. Clean your house and clear any clutter.
  2. Smudge each room with white sage, especially corners and places where the energy feels stuck. You can also place a bowl of salt water in the room to soak up any negativity or play a singing bowl to raise the energy.
  3. Cleanse and charge any crystals that you will be using in your grid.
  4. Place a piece of black tourmaline in all 4 corners of your home. This will absorb any negativity and will help to balance and ground the energy.
  5. Place a quartz point or Herkimer diamond in front of the tourmaline with the point facing the tourmaline. This will help to direct any negative energy in to the tourmaline.
  6. Place selenite in the 4 corners of your home. Selenite has a very high vibration, which will raise the energy of the room and clear away negative energies.
  7. Place a piece of rose quartz in each 4 corners with a quartz point in front facing away from the crystal and towards the room. This will amplify the energy of the rose quartz to create a soothing, gentle, healing energy.
  8. Place a crystal in the centre of the home as a focus for the type of energy that you want to create, e.g. green aventurine to attract luck and new opportunities or citrine to attract wealth and abundance. You can also place a piece of shungite next to computers or wifi to absorb any harmful radiation or EMF’s.
  9. Once you have finished placing the crystals, you can visualise them all connected by a white light to activate the grid. You can also imagine a white light filling every room and going all around the house, all the way up to the sky. You could also try using a spray such as Findhorn’s Sacred Space Mist to raise the energy.
  10. Say an affirmation or intention out loud such as “ My home is safe, protected and filled with love and positive energy”
  11. Hopefully you will start to feel a shift in energy and your home will feel safe and peaceful from now on. You should cleanse the crystals around once a month or if you feel that the energy is heavier than it should be and if you are drawn to use other crystals in certain places, you can do whatever feels right to you.

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