6 Crystals For Achieving Goals

When you first set your goal, it is important to imagine how you will feel once you have achieved your goal and visualise how your life will have changed. It’s useful to imagine this in as much detail as possible and visualise it regularly. As your brain can’t tell the difference between your imagination and reality, it will start to prepare you for the imagined reality and sooner or later your life will start to reflect this back to you.
You can also write a list of reasons why you want to achieve your goal and how it will improve your life. This will help to keep you focused when you are feeling demotivated and remind you of how much better your life could be.
To plan how you are going to get there you should break the goal down in to small steps and take action towards it. It can also be useful to set intentions for the day ahead before you go to sleep every night to help you to stay focused and keep momentum going.

If you can see yourself realistically taking all of the steps between where you are now and where you want to be, then you can achieve your goal. This doesn’t mean that you need to know everything before you start as you can learn as you go along, but it is important to take consistent action and keep trying new things if what you are doing isn’t working out.

All goals come with their own obstacles and there may be a point when it seems that nothing you do is working. This is just the universes way of seeing how serious you are about achieving your goal and its important to keep going and not lose sight of your vision. Sometimes the timing is not right for a particular goal and if this is the case its best not try and force yourself to keep going or to give up completely but to take a step back and come up with new ideas, get some type of energy healing to release any blocks or wait for a time when you feel more supported. When you are in alignment with your goal, action should feel effortless.

Here are 6 crystals for achieving goals. They can be made in to a grid, placed in your home or you can carry them in your pocket:

Rhodonite can help with making plans to achieve your goals by helping you to realise the best way of getting where you want to be. Its nurturing, supportive energy can attract the right people and situations into your life and can help you to realise your full potential.

Green Aventurine is an energising stone and can help you to move forward in to new situations. It is said to be a stone of opportunity and can be used to manifest prosperity.

Tangerine Quartz can raise your energy and take you into a more positive vibration. It increases creativity, ideas and inspiration and can give you the motivation needed to achieve your goals.

Tigers Eye is a good stone for healing blocked creativity, clearing the mind and creating a clear intention. It can help you to stay grounded, think logically and take action towards your goals.

Orange Calcite energises the lower chakras, improving confidence, creativity and motivation. It can help you to come up with new solutions and ideas where a project has been delayed or hope has been lost and can remove stuck energies from the body and environment, allowing you to move forward.

Mookaite can help with determination, decision-making and completing projects and can be supportive in times of stress.

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